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[Drabble] Cheat
 Straight up RusEng PWP


       Arthur took one of Ivan’s fingers into his mouth, swallowing around the digit and lapping at the knuckle. He watched through his hazy vision as the Russian’s violet eyes drooped with lust, his square jaw clenching as Arthur arched his back so their warm bodies would press together sensually. They were still in their clothes that smelled of cigarette smoke and bitter ale from the pub. Arthur couldn’t remember why he was so hot and bothered, but when Ivan had brought him to his bed, he decided he wanted someone – and Ivan just so happened to be that person.

       “Ar-Arthur… we really should not be doing this,” Ivan whispered out, but made no indication of moving. “You had too much to drink.”

       Arthur bit down on Ivan’s finger and pulled it from his mouth after the man gave a deep yelp. “I know what I’m doing,” he snapped, grasping the lapels of Ivan’s coat and pushing it from his broad shoulders. “I know… I know so you should just shut up and fuck me.”

       When Ivan looked to protest again, Arthur crashed their mouths together, their teeth clicking uncomfortably before he bit Ivan’s lower lip harshly. He pulled away, Ivan’s lip between his teeth. When Ivan hissed in pain Arthur gave one last nip to the man’s mouth and dropped his head to the pillow. “Fuck me,” he demanded.

       Finally Ivan complied, and Arthur writhed as his Russian flatmate palmed at his crotch. He’s hungry for human attention, stressed from work and deadlines. He couldn’t take it anymore, so he had asked Ivan to go to the pub with him and help him home if need be. Arthur was too angry with his shitty life to even bother with consequences.

       Ivan had big hands and Arthur sighed beneath them as they peeled off his clothes and traced along his sweating, shivering skin. He fumbled with Ivan’s belt buckle as the man reached into his nightstand drawer to grab a bottle of half-used lube and a condom that the Russian quipped might be too small but would suffice. Arthur didn’t care; he only wanted to be touched.

       “Look at you beg,” Ivan said lowly, as he nipped and licked at Arthur’s collarbones and chest, letting his hands roam adventurously across the Englishman’s body. “How long has it been for you? Too long, I am guessing.”

       “You talk too bloody much.”

       Ivan chuckled. “Perhaps that is so.” He leaned down and licked one of Arthur’s nipples, chuckling deep in his throat at the way Arthur gasped and pulled his hair. He slicked two of his fingers and pushed at Arthur’s entrance, slowly circling his fingers around the muscle, never quite penetrating as he watched his flatmate’s expression flush and grow more and more wanton. “Tell me how much you are wanting this.”

       Ivan’s face was red, a mixture of lust and plenty of vodka. Arthur groaned and dragged his nails across Ivan’s bare back. “Sh-shut up and get to it, you bastard,” he moaned out as his nails bite into Ivan’s skin.

       Knowing that was as good as he was likely to get, Ivan pushed his fingers into Arthur. Arthur mewled and hummed, his toes curling in his bed sheets as he began to pant while Ivan worked him open. With a grunt, Ivan hooked one of Arthur’s legs over his shoulder and opened the condom to roll it onto his cock, grinning slightly when he noticed that he was right about it being a bit too small.

       “Hurry, hurry, you big lug.” Arthur began rubbing himself against Ivan, his face contorted into a drunken pleasure as Ivan did just as he was told and slid inside. “Hnn, rough, rough, don’t baby me.”

       “Do you always speak this way in bed?” Ivan teased breathily, leaning forward so Arthur’s hips came off the mattress and his cock slid in deeper. “How interesting…”

       Arthur huffed and wiggled his hips to encourage Ivan forward, gripping Ivan’s forearms painfully. “Go, go, go, fuck me.”

       Ivan only sighed and bent his head, giving into Arthur’s demands yet again and pulled out just enough to slam back in easily. Arthur tightened around him; the Englishman’s hips changed angles as Ivan began to pick up his pace, thrusting into Arthur with short sighs and grunts, and their sweaty skin began to smack together, mixing with the noise of Arthur’s pitched cries.

       Arthur stroked his own cock and his head fell to the side so he could bite the fabric of his pillow. Ivan towered over him, not once caressing or touching him gently in all the ways he wanted. His foggy mind reminded him that it was only a casual fuck and he doubled his efforts on his own cock as his legs over the Russian’s shoulders began to ache, his thighs quivering with his oncoming orgasm.

       He came onto his own stomach and chest, Ivan continuing to thrust quickly into him as he shuddered and twitched, his fingers digging even further into Ivan’s forearms. The Russian took longer to finish, and when he was finally done, Arthur fell lax onto the bed, blindly reaching out for Ivan to cuddle when his mind caught up with him. He flinched back in violent realization, suddenly very sober despite how heavy and sleepy he felt. “Don’t tell Alfred,” he pleaded quietly. “God, don’t tell Alfred about this.”

       An eerie silence filled the room as Ivan tied off the used condom with a frown and began to leave the room. He stopped at the threshold and looked back at Arthur, who was curling worriedly into his blankets. “I won’t be telling him, do not worry.” Ivan sighed and then opened his mouth as if he was going to say something further, but only shook his head and left.

       Arthur balled up into himself, hiding his face in his damp pillow. “What have I done?” he murmured. He would deal with the consequences in the morning, but for now he was going to sleep and hope Alfred would forgive his drunken cheating.



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