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Fanfiction - Sacrifice (1/1?)

Important Notes: Rated M for dubcon situations and implied gore.


The world was split in two; ravaged by smoke and fire, blood and death. Beneath the charred soil of the earth lie tombs: corpses of men, women, children - victims of war and power-lust. It was a constant, unsleeping battle, destroying and devouring everything in its path.

He stood at the crest of a hill, watching the fires seep into the blackened ground with a scowl on his face. The war had begun to eat its way into the southern territories, killing all those that didn’t flee in time for the wave of sudden violence. It was disgusting. “They’re all fools,” he said to his companion, turning from the aftermath before him. Brothers were killing brothers, women murdering their own children in fear, piles of bodies, living and dead, thrown into the fires. It was all senseless and everyone knew it.

“Of course they are. They don’t see what they’re doing. They simply react.” His companion stared out at the wreckage for a moment longer, his brown eyes half-lidded and dull when he finally looked away. “They are like the machines they wield: Soulless.”

His boots crunched on the broken ground as he walked, soot rising upwards with every sweeping step. Nowhere was safe anymore. “We need to stop their advance,” he said as he walked, eyes casting to the orange sky, fires reflecting in the misty clouds above. “They’ll have to choke at the ridge, therein lays our opportunity, Kiku. We need to hit them hard.”

Kiku was at his side in a moment, matching his pace with his head bent slightly in concentration. “What do you propose?”

“We need to catch them off guard,” he said, stopping to meet Kiku’s empty brown gaze. “So many of our kind has been captured already - we cannot spare any more. We need to do something we’ve never done before.”

“You’re not suggesting we…” Kiku’s brows knit together, his fist coming to rest upon his chin. “That would be very… dangerous, Arthur-san. Unethical as well. What would we do if it failed?”

He shook his head, frowning. “Pah, ethics you say? They are stealing children, Kiku - abducting them and putting them in their machines. Testing on them, using them, killing them! And you ask me of ethics. There is nothing ethical about war - even less so when one is pushed into a corner.” His companion merely sent him an unaffected stare and he scoffed. “And if it goes wrong? Well, I’ll be the one to perform it, so I’ll be the only one to face the consequences.”

Arthur continued his trek with that final, bitter statement. He was determined to win this war and save his people - even if it cost him his life.


The basement of the rubbled house was still intact, dust and splinters covering the dark surfaces within. Arthur lit a few candles, placing them in a very tedious circle, and gazed around the room. He was even more pleased to find that it was still functional, the only nuisance being a lone shaft of orange light that poured in from the crevasse that had led Arthur inside.

With a purposeful stride, he pulled the rucksack from his back and retrieved a grimoire from within, opening the old, withered pages gingerly as he stepped back into the circle of candles to scour over the faint wording. “We need a weapon,” he muttered, letting the pad of his finger trace down the margins of the page as he skimmed. “Nothing less than what they can build in those laboratories. Nothing more than a tool…”

Time whittled away as he poured over his grimoire, shuffling through pages upon pages of old, faded text, finding spells and summons that were not quite right. He wouldn’t risk everything over something that wasn’t exactly what he wanted. There was still time and he refused to squander even a moment on something that might work.

Finally his finger stopped on one phrase in particular. ‘Immense power… variable cost… controllable, however —’

Arthur frowned as the text became unreadable. The specific runes and diagram were still intact, the procedure dictated and outlined neatly. He read over the notes again. “However what?” he wondered aloud, keeping place of the page as he began skimming ahead once again, only to come back to that specific page once again. The words immense power and controllable were holding his attention rapt. “However…”

He pondered the risks. Whatever he summoned from this spell, it could have any number of consequences, leading up to and including his own death. If that were the case, he could always leave the creation for Kiku to control if life was the cost. The man was introverted and withheld, but he was sensible and strong and Arthur trusted him. He trusted Kiku to win this war against those that tried to control and eliminate their people.

Sighing he set the book on a wobbling table and began to scrounge through the wreckage of the basement, happy to find a box of broken pieces of chalk. Carefully he sketched out the diagram in his book onto the brick basement floor, wiping away clods of dirt and splinters of wood as he worked. His clothes were covered in a grungy layer of dirt, soot and chalk by the time he had finished, neatly drawing the final runes before stepping cautiously away from the completed summoning circle.

The day faded into night, the shaft of light bleeding into nothingness and the fires on the candles swayed gently in the darkness. His finger found the incantation, mouthing the nonsensical words first, as a practice, before he stopped, clearing his throat and closing his eyes. Behind closed eyes he still saw - saw the torn earth and bleeding people; he saw the fires - the lack of Talented to stop them, the lack of victories against the soulless machines that oppressed and attempted to destroy his people.

His hatred channeled through his voice as he said the jumbled words aloud, strong and confident. Even as the basement began to shake, a loud, piercing hiss ringing through the dark room and putting out the candles, he continued to chant, shouting over the noise. His ears rang, and the ground beneath his feet trembled with a power he had never felt before in his life - not even in his imagination. And as the last word fell from his lips, everything stopped.

Arthur hesitated, glancing back at the grimoire with a concentrated frown. He was positive he had the entire thing perfected, even down to the phrasing and pronunciation. What could have possibly gone wrong? He scowled and began to pour over the faded words once again, mumbling angry curses at himself as he fretted over which syllable he had messed up, lighting a couple candles back up to see in the black of the basement.

A sudden, bright light tore his gaze away from the pages of the grimoire. The bricks within the summoning circle crumbled away; a steamy, red haze drifting upwards from the slowly exposed opening within the basement floor. Arthur took a prudent step back as an arm wrenched itself from the pit, clawing at the floor grotesquely as whatever he had summoned began to pull itself from what looked like Hell itself.

The arm was followed by another, and then a head of sandy blond hair with twisted black horns and a pair of wide, ferocious blue eyes. Arthur found that he couldn’t look away as the man crawled out of the pit, his muscles twitching as he slunk completely out of the yawning hole.

“Who summoned me?” the man - no, thing, Arthur reminded himself - asked, his voice like jagged rocks and smoke. He was clothed in only a pair of black linen breeches, a pair of, what Arthur realized to be wings - reptilian and leathery, folded neatly onto his muscular back. “Was it you, human?” the creation spat.

Arthur stepped back forward, keeping his arms to his sides to keep them from trembling. “It was I,” he said sternly. “And I haven’t been considered human in a long time.”

“A mage, then?” The monster tilted its head, a seemingly amused smirk twisting its lips. “Now that’s far more interesting than some human to be devoured. Tell me, mage, why have you summoned me?”

“We prefer the term Talented.” He paused. “I summoned you for war… and no other purpose.” For a moment, however fleeting, he was almost ashamed of himself. To dreg some creature from whatever cesspool it spawned for the simple act of killing.

It was hardly different than creating machines.

The creature merely shrugged its broad shoulders. “I’ve seen this war of yours. I wouldn’t mind testing my mettle against those metal contraptions… for a price.

Arthur steeled himself, holding his chin high and squaring his shoulders. “Name your price, beast.” He had prepared himself for this moment. He was ready for death – had been for a long time. His time of reckoning was coming and he would not falter.

“I like your confidence, even in the face of a demon…” The creature hummed approvingly, taking a few languid steps to circle Arthur predatorily. His sharp fingers traced down the curve of Arthur’s spine before crawling under the fabric of his tunic, reaching around to palm the skin of Arthur’s stomach and chest. “I want your body.”

“M-my body?” Arthur balked, beginning to tremble beneath the demon’s touch. He was to be possessed, then? Would it be like dying, he wondered — or would he be conscious a fragment of a mind to wander the recesses of a perversion of himself?

He wanted to ask – to clarify what exactly would happen to him after the possession took place – but then he felt the demon roll his hips into his backside and his breath hitched at the feeling of something obviously hard against him. “Yes,” the creature confirmed, his hands gripping Arthur’s hips and pulling him into his groin. “Your body.”

Arthur shivered, unwilling to move. This thing wanted to use him – to soil his body and leave him to rot in disgust. He preferred the idea of possession. “That’s disgusting,” he hissed, attempting to rip himself from the monster’s grip but to no avail. The demon’s grip tightened and bruised.

“That’s the price,” the demon breathed against the clammy skin of his neck. “How much do you want to win your pathetic war?”

“Using a demon to fight machines… that’s no better than they are!” Arthur struggled again, only to have his arm caught in a vice and yanked to face the murderously amused face of the demon. “Why my body?”

“And why not? Your body is but a small price to pay for my services, don’t you think?” The demon’s fingers curled under Arthur’s chin and Arthur swallowed thickly. “How much does this war mean to you, mage?”

Arthur looked the creature in the eyes, trying to smooth his frayed nerves with the hatred he felt towards the war – the fires, the deaths. His jaw tightened. “It means the lives of my people, demon. They are all I have left – as you are about to take my dignity. My only question, before you begin: How long must this contract be upheld?”

The demon smiled, wicked and cruel. “For as long as I see fit. I will follow and obey – within reason – and I will have your body as I wish. That may be for eternity, or just tonight. It has yet to be seen.”

Slowly Arthur was stripped of his clothes, standing in the dark with only the light of three waning candles to see by. The demon’s hands felt like poison against his skin, scaly and cold as they touched him everywhere, slithering across his body in ways he’d never want anyone to.

“So pristine,” the demon mumbled, pushing Arthur onto the dirty ground after removing his own frayed breeches. His erection rubbed against Arthur, heavy with carnal want. He forced Arthur down to his hands and knees, spreading his long, creamy legs open. “I can’t wait to break you…”

Arthur choked on a sob as the demon thrust into him without heed. It felt wretched and painful and he pressed his face onto the bricked floor as tears streamed down his face, muddying his cheeks. The demon, however, seemed to take pleasure in Arthur’s torment, pulling out and slamming back in, his sharp fingers digging into the bruised skin of Arthur’s hips. “I… will… not… break…” Arthur spat between heavy, pained gasps. He closed his eyes, forcing himself to concentrate on the flow of magic about him – touching its invisible power with gentle, unseen caresses.

“Oh…” For a long moment the creature stopped to stare, watching. “I see what you’re doing, mage. Using magic to heal yourself? I’ll admit it’s clever – most would attack… and die trying.”

“A bargain is a bargain, beast,” Arthur hissed back. “I’ll uphold my end. Now if you would kindly finish and hold true to yours, thank you.” He yelped in pain as the demon suddenly picked up once again, muttering darkly against his back before biting him. Arthur prayed, willing the magic to embrace him and hold him from the tortuous pain that wracked his entire body, to heal the wounds and cuts the demon created with his every touch.

It wasn’t enough. Arthur wished himself dead as the demon’s cock seemed to shred his body in half.

He was trembling uncontrollably when the demon finished, ejaculating inside of him and taking any self-worth Arthur had ever possessed with him. Arthur hupped as the creature’s limp cock slid out of him, leaving him scarred and naked on the floor.

The demon grasped Arthur’s chin, studying his defiant face closely. Finally he smirked. “I am yours to command.”


He stood at the edge of a cliff face, surveying the battle below him with piercing green eyes. The demon stood next to him, stretching his arms as his blue eyes became excited, watching the machines impale the unsuspecting with long, metal limbs. “Can I join the fun, now?” the creature asked again, rolling his shoulders and flexing his wings.

“Wait until they hit the narrowest point,” Arthur commanded. He caught sight of Kiku with a group of other powerful Talented on the other side of the small canyon. Everyone shifted in anticipation, Arthur out of soreness. After the entire ordeal, Arthur found that the demon was hard to get rid of for even the slightest of private moments. He hoped that everything had been worth it. He shot the demon a glare.

The demon only smiled, blinking quickly in realization of something. “I should let you know, if you ever need me, call my name. It’s part of our bargain.”

“You’ve never told me your name, disgusting beast,” Arthur grumbled in return. He had never intended asking for it, either, allowing himself the excuse to refer to the demon as he pleased.

A sharp smile. “It’s Alfred.” And with that, the demon jumped off the cliff, his wings spread wide as he threw himself into the battle. The Talented on the other side of the cliff quickly fell into formation, channeling the magic around them to rain down an electrical storm that would hopefully stop the machines – or at least cause them to malfunction. Arthur simply focused on Alfred, feeding the demon energy as he cleaved his way through the machines, taking moments to devour the flesh off a human before continuing onwards.

The battle was short and bloody with heavy losses on both sides of the battlefield. But victory was theirs – the strategic point held against attack. With Alfred back at his side, Arthur shouted a cry to the men down below, filled with pride and post-adrenaline.

“Scour the battlefield,” he yelled into the canyon’s abyss, “We sacrifice the survivors to the Gods, and tonight we drink the blood of our enemies!”

There was a massive cheer from the men below, a pleased smile crossing Kiku’s face. Alfred’s bloody mouth touched his cheek.

“It seems we have more in common than you think, mage…”


Unimportant Notes: I'm posting this here because it was removed from ene

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AWWW YEAHHHHH. Y'know, I don't think I've ever commented on this; mostly because it's on and I don't log in to comment there...||OTL

But yes---this is hot in a wrong way. But still hot. I can't really explain myself.



You're so perfect. Just wanted to say that.

And I know what you mean. :o It was weird writing it; just sitting there wondering if it was a normal thing to be staying up until 4 in the morning to do. xD

Oh gosh I woke up to this and it was so good! >3< Well it was so wrong but it was still good in all its ~wrongness~

Im not sure whether to say this absolutely fabulous give me MORE or to just HGN over how as a oneshot its also really fucking fantastic

I love this! I really do! Your writing style is amazing and the way how you characterised Arthur here is brilliant. His leadership and his determination to win the war and how he prefers to be called Talented than a Mage impressed me. Kiku is kind of like a bonus for me here since I know they're in good terms, both cannon and headcannon. Also, I had a correct guess that the price would be, yes, Arthur's body. It's brilliant, by the way.

I like the plot of this story, too. And the part where Alfred uses Arthur's body is just utterly hot. Two thumbs up!

Edited at 2012-06-11 05:11 am (UTC)

Oh gosh, thank you! I'm glad you liked it so much! :)

When it comes to the Devil!AU's, I always thought it would be neat if Arthur was actually strong or self-powered, instead of weak against in Devil!Alfred. So it was interesting coming up with this control/control relationship that they have, and I might expand on it if I ever think of a neat way for it to go. x3

Aw man. I read your stories on I heard about the purging some time ago and was worried about all my favorite authors. Did they take any more your stories down? Uugh, that hella sucks. Oh well. At least I can still read them and enjoy them here!

So far nothing else has been taken down! :) For which I'm super grateful haha. I'll just be uploading everything (well mostly, I mean I have a lot of stuff on fanfic eeeek) onto here, and updating my multichaptered fics here as well. :3

I'm really glad you found me here! :D

Edited at 2012-06-12 06:38 am (UTC)

If you plan to continue this, please go ahead <3

I love how Arthur here was strong in so many ways that he wouldn't just take it lying down. Whatever relationship they're going to have wouldn't be boring or stagnant. Show him your fangs, Arthur! XD

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